kenma x brother reader He whined loudly. Mine And Mine Only *Yandere Kenma X Reader* Chapter 11: Investigation read online . Taglist is open, send an ask or comment. 1 hours, 36 minutes 1h 36m. genre: crack, humor. Pairings: Miya Osamu x f!reader, Oikawa x f!reader. count of three. Attention (Kozume Kenma X Reader) (I actually wrote one for Haikyu I started this blog writing oneshots mainly for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit but I really planned on writing for other fandoms that I’m in. kenma x fem!reader smau. Nov 18, 2020 - Dare to Fly (Haikyuu x Reader Oneshot) - Kozume Kenma x Reader (A little help) - Wattpad Kenma x reader; Characters: . Ongoing, First published Nov 20, 2020. Although your brother Kuroo was most definitely joking, what he didn’t know was Kenma already has a whole box of the tiny foil packets in the top drawer of his dresser already opened. . you ignore it in favor of turning on the tv and going to disney+, queuing up the original mulan knowing how into the story hinata would get. he doesn't know how to deal with it. Genre:angst. “actually i can finish this tomorrow”. See a recent post on Tumblr from @fandomfindings about dad!kenma x reader. “Get them, idiots!”. Akaashi is a bit more soft as a boss but he can be very scary when customers are being rude to his baristas. Little Brother (Touya Todoroki x Reader) Request: May I request a one-shot where the reader and Touya are dating and little Shouto seems to really like the reader and the same goes for her? ##BEST## Kenma-x-reader-break-up Claves-Para-Entrar-En-Reallifecam [PATCHED] Mela Full Movie Subtitle Indonesia Download cassmar ((NEW)) PixelJunk Eden V1. pairing : kenma x fem!reader headcannons warning : none! gif @hq-kurootetsurou ━━━━━━♡♤♡━━━━━━ Originally posted by hq-kurootetsurou. “But there are guys here,” you mutter. X Reader (Fem) by HaikyuuSmutty (D-D-Dummy Thicc) with 73,129 reads. 1 i broke it. There, you met his best friend, Akaashi, his other best friend, Kuroo, and an . You took off the towel before balling it up and throwing it at . A sickening crack echoed through the empty alleyway, the alpha gasping in pain before another blow from your knee slammed into his chin. readerinsert, anime, oikawatooru. Yandere Tamaki who wound hurt anyone to get whst he wants even your own brother or . The faintest of smiles could be seen on his face as he placed his game aside to give you a once-over. Read Announcment from the story Unexpected《Kozume Kenma x Reader》 by Scarlettt8 (ガルバンプリンセス) with 3,356 reads. kozumekenma, kenmaxreader, kenmakozume. Anime x Male!Reader: Book 1 Guys this story will have mature scenes at times. loosely based on a conversation my friend and i had today, except he’s not kenma smh “can you hear me now?” you pressed the tiny mic close to your lips, swivelling the earphone jack to ensure that it was securely plugged into your laptop. word count: 3500~. Kita is very strict but has a soft spot for y/n. but he’s confident . Ongoing. And, holy shit, was she the cutest little thing he’d ever seen in his entire life. Authors notes at the end . Kozume Kenma x Reader. Enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyuu or the characters. You are moving to Tokyo to live in with your brother kuroo and you are reunited with a shy boy named kenma and you have had a crush on him and u end up finding out something amazing and your meet your best friends in your new school. Sainanclark. As she goes to her new school she is hoping that the manager space is open there. text post. Dec 11, 2020 - Read Part 6 from the story Online friends (Kozume Kenma x Reader) by jankieshka (•Xiaos Bestie🍃) with 13,557 reads. 00:16:34:52 His whole life, Kenma was able to ignore the numbers on his wrist. You spent your time in your classes, the library or joining your old brother’s (kenma . couldn't sleep, bc the. No you don’t. He looked uninterested at the people playing on the court. a/n: okay. pairing ; kenma x f!reader genre ; angst w/ fluff ending warnings ; toxicish relationship, neglectful behavior?? wc ; 1k a/n ; srry this is a repost lol, but im gonna work on a smut for my next writing, but hopefully u enjoy this <33 also srry idk how to name fics dsfjasldkf Jan 29, 2019 - Read Kenma Final from the story Little Sister (Reader x Haikyuu) by AnimeOtakuBitch (Wife of Shouto) with 2,872 reads. Y/N L/N is an anonymous gamer by the name of Sage that resides outside of Japan. He rumbled through the bag, not aware that the volleyball players had noticed the boy finally and were watchin. In which Kozume Kenma takes you on the rare outing. hiatus bc uni. pairing: ceo! armin arlert x reader. Author. “It’s only tonight,” Daichi sing-songs back. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. But, he couldn’t help getting distracted by Y/N. "It's fine, he was no trouble!" You beam and raise your hand to pet him once more. 02 { taglist — tell me if you want to be added or taken. It might also have some . quickly picks up korean phrases. 2 with the other brother if ya . Imagine Kuroo and Kenma met you at school, they found you hitting Lev and yelling at him in Russian. I really liked that atsumu x reader fic where reader's Kita's sister. Jun 8, 2021 — Tetsu's Empress — Why you break up with the haikyu . He looked up from his game, his eyes wide as usual when he sees you. Y/N L/N and her parents moved to Tokyo but that had to mean that she would have to leave her friend at Karasuno Highschool. The music swells; you spin out, then spin back in. Why you and the haikyu boys broke up (Atsumu,Oikawa,Kageyama,Kenma,Akaashi,Sugawara) Part two: Osamu, Iwaizumi, Daichi, Ushijima. Here's the link for both my discord, email, and the original fan fic Discord: https://discord. “Ken!”, you exclaimed, running up to him. a/n: angel said soft kenma and now here we are,, i hate it here. “He’s my boyfriend. haikyuu x male s/o haikyuu x male reader kenma kozume x male reader kenma x male reader haikyuu male reader insert haikyuu kenma haikyuu!! x male reader 144 notes Oct 30th, 2019 Vintage [Kozume Kenma x Reader Post Timeskip!AU] Summary: (Y/n) (L/n), a pageant queen coming from the Philippines, goes back to Tokyo in order to continue her Master’s Degree after the year of her reign. When he arrived at the benches he stopped at a bag and opened it. previous | next-masterlist-introductions. Being the younger brother of Bokuto Kotarou has its perks. (A/N- I just found. 7 hours ago a simp for anime. Read I got locked out of my account but now I'm back from the story Kenma x reader lemon (One shots) by Lalalevworks (secret smut dealer) with 6,069 reads. Sep 1, 2016. Kenma gets jealous once in a while. haikyuu haikyuu smau kenma hcs kenma imagine kenma hq hq kenma kenma kuzome haikyuu kenma kenma x reader kenma smau genshin smau . genre: mostly fluff honestly. lem. Gözlerini yavaşça açtığında. If you did you wouldn’t smile like you do around Kenma,” he whispered back. comOriginal fan fic. Kenma x Reader Royalty AU. Yamaguchi is the newest hire at the store. synopsis: you’ve been “crushing” on kenma kozume, youtuber and ceo of a million dollar company for about a month. Now go away so we can enjoy our date!” You tell at him, taking Kenma by his hand and leading him towards your room. “Y/n please let me gooooooooo!” He whined “I don’t know who this kid is but I like ‘em!” You’re Dating Him? (Kenma Kozume) Request: Hi! I just read some of your fics and they’re absolutely amazing I’d like to request a scenario / one-shot for Kenma pls 梁 the idea is that yaku has a younger sister (same age as kenma) that attends a different school and he doesn’t want the boys to meet her because he thinks they will try to flirt with her. Only three to count how many times . 7k. Going by the alias of Buzzkill. -simpforheisenberg-. kozume, hq, haikyuu. 𖥻 kenma x gn!reader. haikyuu hq hq x reader haikyuu x reader haikyuu fluff haikyuu headcanon Kenma x reader Atsumu x reader hq setters Oikawa x reader Kenma fluff . little did . so when his publicist tells him he needs to find a girlfriend (and fast!) because his popularity has started to slip,he devises a plan that involves you, him and a contract. "I'll see you later, goodnight. c 460. gg/bAdqdrHVMy email: perpherednameAsh@gmail. pairing: Shouto Todoroki x Fem!Reader genre: smut, hurt/comfort warnings: 18+ MINORS DO NOT INTERACT , sir kink, mirror sex, body worship, one threat of spanking but it’s never acted on, mentions of reader having a controlling ex boyfriend, fingering (fem receiving), face fucking, shouto is a sad boy with conflicted feelings about his parents Kenma x reader; Characters: . masterlist. apple pie. . Few weeks after her arrival, her dad decided to set her up with one of his business partners who was just at her age. “Your scent is disgusting,” You grimaced, waving your hand in front of your nose. Reblogs and likes are highly appreciated. Haikyu X Reader. warnings: domestic kenma, literally,, domestic,,, god this is so cheesy i hate it here,,, tw a child ? You could count it on one hand, with exactly three fingers. Discover more posts about dad!kenma x reader. Read Big Brother Kenma x Toddler Brother Reader (Haikyuu) from the story Brother/Sister X Reader One Shots by KitsuneOfNightmares (Kita Eliza) with 3,028 reads. set post-timeskip. Kisses (Kenma x Reader) Kenma wasn't sure how Kuroo had convinced him to come to this party. I don"t own Haikyuu or it"s characters, all credits go to original creators! You met Kenma at lunch, he was sitting outside and his hair fell in his face as his gaze was trained on a video game as usual. WC: 590. Fix It | Kenma x Reader. Warnings: swearing, angst to almost heavy angst, idk what else, suggestive contents, mentions of alcohol . water-and-grass #🐱saku. fic … See all Kenma x reader; Characters: . Anime/Manga Fanfiction Kenma X Reader Nekoma Kenma. On a fateful night, 3 am, Kenma finds himself wound up in a . You slowly entered to room, “Hey, baby. #this is so cute memo #thank you 🥺♥️ #*headpats ♥️ * #kozume kenma #kenma #haikyuu #haikyuu imagines #haikyuu scenarios #haikyuu headcanons #haikyuu fluff #haikyuu x reader #kozume kenma x reader #kenma x reader #kozume kenma fluff #kenma fluff #🐱saku. 1k a/n: Just a little soulmate au for my favorite boy. This was exactly the type of event that made the young blond boy cringe. summary: evaluating whether or not the hq boys would win a fight against a teletubby. he’s way out of your league, but when he appears in your flower shop one day and leaves his number with you, suddenly he doesn’t feel too far off… Kenma x reader; Characters: . See a recent post on Tumblr from @fattuccini-afraido about kenma x gn reader. Kenma x reader; Characters: . pairing: kozume kenma x reader. @call-me-prodigy @kpopfanticscenarios @svtbitch @thrusteone @crownedcupcake17 @fait-de-fleurs @fernthefangirl @asweetpotato1 @unhappyraspberry @follow-me-down-a-abyss @moon-390 @imconfusedanditsok . six years later, she manages to get a job as the ceo’s secretary in arlert corporation— one of the most huge publishing companies around eldia. Reply. Jan 8, 2021 - Read Arkadaşlarım 6. Y/N Had loved volleyball since she was 3. by sucking up his pride and turning to his team and brother for advice . #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #kenma #kenma kozume #haikyuu au #haikyuu imagines #haikyuu scenarios #haikyuu smau #haikyuu texts #haikyuu x reader #kenma x reader #kenma smau #kenma texts #kenma scenario #kenma imagine More you might like Kenma Kozume x Reader SMAU. "What are you doing weirdo" y/n snickered and playfully hit his chest and tried to get up off him but kenma grabbed his waist and sat him back down and then leaned in close to his face. He’s a bit sweaty and has his usual Nekoma team jacket on, but his expression is different. Tags: @the-black-birb @theyredreaminq @miyuswriting @madireyn A/N: hi hi i’m feelin a lil better so i did a req!! I’ll start back on the songfics and shipfics soon. kenma spares a glance at the clock hung on your wall. featuring: miya atsumu, miya osamu, iwaizumi hajime, oikawa tooru, kozume kenma, lev haiba. with a hum of recognition to your question, he faces you again. Kuroo's long-lost brother at last. Time. law of averages | kenma x reader [ongoing]“in which y/n has recently gone through a series of toxic relationships and falls for the boy she wishes she met first” 04. unexpected guest. Fix It | Kenma x Reader SMAU. Brother! Kenma x Kuroo . inspired by @/sativadiva1997′s tiktok. list . He softly walked towards the benches, careful not to alert anyone. Square? (Male reader x Kuroo x Kenma x Akaashi) mommy. Preparing to go into high school, you’re excited. your question was met with static silence, prompting you to try asking again. kenma crawls on top of you and places a light feverish kiss on your collarbone. kenma x reader break up, kenma kozume x reader break up, kenma x reader break up prank Apr 8, 2021 — Countryhumans x reader angst – DIY PARK. The aristocrat was a rich family that lived in the Japan , (y/n) grew up with her twin brother eating off of silver . I Missed You (Kenma x Male! Reader) “I hate life,” you groaned quietly as you were trying to sleep. Asks answered for the fic: [ #🍙 hygtg ] [ HYGTG playlist] Before you went in the room you checked out Kenma’s stream to see what parts of the room were being shown on webcam to make sure you wouldn’t flash his entire audience. Kita and Akaashi are shift supervisors. dead imma tell you. who: kuroo x fem!reader, nishinoya x fem!reader ; oikawa, kenma what: A/B/O werewolf au, smut in future chapters wc: 1,823 SOS: m. but right now he was weak and didn . A Kiss {Kozume Kenma X Reader} Hey everyone~ I’m the new admin (Ella’s cousin) and I hope all of you are having a fabulous day! You’re Dating Him? (Kenma Kozume) Request: Hi! I just read some of your fics and they’re absolutely amazing I’d like to request a scenario / one-shot for Kenma pls 梁 the idea is that yaku has a younger sister (same age as kenma) that attends a different school and he doesn’t want the boys to meet her because he thinks they will try to flirt with her. Atsumu: “god yer so clingy and annoying”. “pairings: kenma x reader” “genre:. 8 what’s a setter? a/n: rip me because I forgot I have online classes now and I’ve already outlined the whole story : (. You and Atsumu have been dating for years and every year was worse then the last. Love. You’re standing by the water fountains outside the gym, the silence eating you alive, worried about what he’s going to say next. also nonnie im so sorry i went for kenma confessing instead of you :(☼☼☼ Jan 22, 2021 - kenma severler için kenma x reader. After all, Bokuto was his best bro, his wingman, his horned owl loser friend. Glow Like That (Armin Arlert SMAU) title: glow like that. haikyu x reader haikyu haikyuu suna x reader hq suna suna rintaro headcanons suna smau suna rintaro x reader suna x y/n kenma x y/n kenma kozume x reader kenma x reader hq kenma kenma x you tendou x reader tendou hcs haikyuu tendou tendou fic haikyuu kageyama kageyama tobio x reader kageyama x reader kageyama x you kageyamya x reader Kenma x reader; Characters: . But it also has A LOT of cons. kenma x reader kenma kozume Kenma slight nsfw slight Kenma smut kuroo tetsurou Kuroo kenma imagine haikyuu imagines kenma scenario haikyuu scenarios kenma x fem . ask #🐱int. Kenma has always preferred the comfort . a/n: a scheming captain 😌 I am going to post this now before I start to procrastinate on my calculus homework again. kenma x reader x semi. During his second year of high school, Bokuto dragged you to a practice match Fukurodani was hosting against Nekoma. DISCORD DISSONANCE. Kenma still doesn’t say anything, but instead, looks off to the side, blush on his face as he scratches at his chin. synopsis: when they were in high school, y/n used to bully armin for being a ‘nerd’ who snitched around students and caused them trouble. 3kwarning(s): stepcest, dubcon, coercion/blackmail, noncon filming, noncon voyeurism (kenma watches you masturbate w/o your knowledge), degradation, slight unhealthy relationship (obsession), pussy slapping, slight dacryphilia, kenma is just a mean son of a bitch, this is a reupload of my old writing, so pls don’t cringe too much, i tried . Y/n only saw kenma as his friend, his brother, his family, so y/n thought kenma was just joking around so y/n giggled and moved his hand. only thing is, he hasn’t technically met you yet. translation: “i love you”. 𖥻 notes. It’s your third anniversary with Kenma. luckily she finds an ad for a loft in search of another roommate — but it . Haikyuu x MaleReader Fanfiction. The boy has never really been one for celebrations. from the story •Cat• {Kenma x Reader} by hilanreelprdt with 249 reads. Tag List: @call-me-prodigy kenma kozume kenma imagine kenma x reader kenma scenario haikyuu x reader haikyuu imagines . First published Nov 20, 2020. " He shifts on the spot, looking away from you. [Name] was gifted with the skill of art but painting field landscapes on canvas isn't her dream, expressing her views for the public is. Here's another Kenma fic for you kitty lovers: Plants (Kozume Kenma x Reader) [College AU] . When Kenma finally admits that he likes you, it’s after another practice game with the Tokyo teams. Breaking and Entering | Kenma Kozume x Reader wc: 1. Atsumu became more distant and standoffish as your relationship . The soft spoken Kenma gives a small nod, hiding the cat in his shirt once again. summary: being a full time streamer didn’t leave kenma much time to date. but before you . I wrote this at like 1 am. " In surprise, you quickly hug Kenma before waving at him and closing the door, "Kenma. Their coach, Ukai had decided to throw a huge end of the year party for all of the volleyball teams in . character(s): kenma kozume x fem!readerword count: 4. She was Koutarou’s little sister, only by a year. With interactions becoming more frequent, Y/N is faced with decision of trusting their new friends and the conflicts . kenma x y/n kenma headcanons kenma imagine kenma x reader kenma fluff timeskip . 0 Cracked-THETA Latest Version ##HOT## Aegis Legend Mini Manual |LINK| Free Forklift Theory Test Questions ul kennivore Kenma x reader; Characters: . Killjoys | Kozume Kenma [Name] is the good girl straight A+ student by day, graffiti artist mastermind by night. So when was the last time you saw your brother before he died? Y/N. She gets more then she bargained for when she starts to change into a cat every night. Title: Oblivious to the Obvious. you jump up onto his bed again. Hinata groaned and rolled over then cracked open an eye to look at you. "Well, goodnight. Atsumu is the kind of barista to give things away for free to flirt, but don’t tell Kita because he . The Red String of Somethingness (Kenma x Reader/Soulmate AU) *Request* *GIF not mine* Summary: You’ve been waiting for your soulmate your whole life. “yes, kitten?”. black/white/gold fur on her as she picks him and smiled when she realized he somewhat resembles the person she and her brother are . Pairings: Kenma X Reader -Admin Ness ***** Kenma x reader; Characters: . strong big brother. kozume kenma x fem!reader | w. ” He barely acknowledged you other than the slight bob of his head. Kenma x Reader - The First Day at Nekoma High . Kenma x reader break up. Kozume Kenma, Nekoma’s setter and the brain of said team. “are you almost done?”. A Kiss {Kozume Kenma X Reader} Hey everyone~ I’m the new admin (Ella’s cousin) and I hope all of you are having a fabulous day! I just want to share this Kenma fanfic that I wrote somewhere else over here as a start. summary: kenma gets jealous. 0. Mine And Mine Only *Yandere Kenma X Reader* Chapter 9: Pain of rejection . This is my side blog for writing Haikyu X Reader stories whether they be platonic or Romantic (all works will be SFW) (I will also reblog fan art and haikyu related posts) My masterlist of work is my pinned post so no one has to worry about scrolling through the blog to find the stories. “I don’t want to be here,” you sing-song under your breath to your elder brother. He stumbled back onto his ass, gripping his shoulder pathetically. Kuroo would notice straight away that you’re more closer to Kenma than any of the other second years, scratch that you’re closer to him than anyone in the team. “Be quiet. G: Angst, fluff . when he tells you “Saranghae” softly for the first time, his face fully red. Meow! {Kuroo x reader x Kenma} No One Rated This Novel! When a new girl starts her first year at the high school, Nekoma, with the hope of making new friends and get good grades. Kuroo really didn’t mean to. Discover more posts about kenma x gn reader. Requests are: Open. You’d started dating back in your second year of highschool; but, even then, dates and outings between the two of you had been uncommon. a/n: I’m lowkey scared to write this but might as well since I’ll be home for a while :) also Kenma broke his switch while playing Animal Crossing. Kenma Kozume x Reader Oneshot : I’ll take care of u Genre: Fluff; maybe smutty?; Warning: A bit of cursing and a spoil from the movie A whisker away Things didn’t really end well with Suna. It had been a banner year for the volleyball club from Karasuno High School. 01 . The small boy walked into the gym. You eventually pop up behind Hinata, pushing your younger brother to the side. kenma x reader break up. Pairing: Kozume Kenma x GN!Reader. While playing one day, they become friends with Kenma which leads to being dragged into his rambunctious friend group. haikyuufanfiction, completed, cutelove. kenma x brother reader